FBE 2LPE 2LPP 3LPE 3LPP coating pipe/ revestimiento de la tubería

FBE 2LPE 2LPP 3LPE 3LPP coating pipe/ revestimiento de la tubería

Model No.︰3PE

Brand Name︰SH-3LPE

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 11.5 / square m

Minimum Order︰1000 square m

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Product Description

3 Layer Polyethylene Coating (3LPE)
Operating Conditions

3 layer polyethylene coating provides excellent corrosion protection, based on the use of a fusion bonded epoxy primer with the mechanical protection afforded by high density polyethylene. Suitable for application on water, oil and gas pipelines at service temperatures up to 85°C, 3LPE has an excellent track record.
Application and Standards

Our  Coatings applies 3LPE in accordance with recognized international standards such as CSA Z245.21., DIN 30670 and AS1518, as well as many customer specifications. Where required  Coatings can provide details of in house specifications for this product, or help develop a project- specific coating specification.
Typical Properties

Description Reference Standard Typical Value*
Cathodic Disbondment CSA-Z245.20-02 (12.8)
24 hours,3.5V, 65°C
28days, 1.5V, 20°C
1.5 to 2.5
2.5 to 3.5
Adhesion CSA-Z245.20-02 (12.14)
75°C, 24 hours
Rating 1
Impact resistance DIN 30670 15 - 20.0 J
Hardness Shore D ASTM D2240-97 60
Flexibility CSA-Z245.20-02 (12.11)
3°/PPD @-30°C
Minimum Pipe Diameter   4.5"
Maximum Pipe Diameter   60"
Minimum Pipe Length   9.0 m
Maximum Pipe Length   24.4 m
Minimum Operating Temperature   -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature   85°C

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